Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Space Composite

Confession time, again;  I was pleasantly surprised. After all these years enjoying the creative work of the Material Mavens you will be quick to use our grandson’s favorite word and ask me why would I be surprised?  When the word for this round was published I expected a high percentage of the quilts to be extraterrestrial.  Then, reveal day and not one! Unless Candace meant to show us her window into space.

To the reasoning behind the layout on the Space composite, again a challenge:

[Pre-note:  If and when Teresa sends us her quilt, I’ll work it in.]

After time spent reading your thinking as you created your quilts I could not gather a common thread [at least to my satisfaction].  There is a common theme within Alice, Karen and Andrea’s work. They all did speak of negative space in their thinking, but I felt more comfortable using their quilts as the color layout seemed more eye catching.

Row one then becomes a queue of nice blues.

Row two follows the color scheme with reds.

Row three and now you know why I saved the black and whites to “hang” together, despite the blue boots.

Row four and five are people related. If you don’t believe me read Sara’s explanation. I was a biology major also and I think this use of space is really clever.  There is no doubt Gail touches the very heart of space.  

Row lower right corner: Admit it, how many of you are jealous of Tricia’s quilting studio? We all celebrate her wonderful Space. I especially like the weather vane.

Those are my thoughts for July reveal. Job well done everybody – AGAIN.