Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Janet's Time Quilt

I recently had an experience where time felt like it was going the speed of light to every minute feeling like it was an hour.  I went from a stuffy nose to bronchitis to the emergency room to the IC in what felt like a very short span of time.  Once admitted to the hospital while they tried to get me stabilized every minute was agonizing.  Recuperating at home now is painfully slow and the highlight of my day is hearing the garage door go up in the afternoon meaning my husband is home.  For him there is not enough time in the day, work, errands, chores at home, taking care of me.  

My quilt has a similar story.  I bought four Garden Gang cross stitch patterns when I was pregnant.  I was on bed rest and I finished two and thought I would have lots of time when the baby came because they sleep a lot,  so I would finish the other two after he was born. Silly me. That was thirty four years ago.  I did finish them finally this last year and since I've taken up quilting I thought why not make them quilts instead of framing them.  I just could not believe that much time had passed since I finished the first two.  So time is relative to your situation.  I have to thank Judy Steward for quilting the borders for me as she is someone whose day flies by and I appreciate her taking the time.