Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Randy's Reach Composite

Hope you are not superstitious for this composite! It is close to Halloween and there are 13 blocks. We now have 13 members, having recently lost some, but Tricia was too caught up in remodeling and/or construction to make a quilt. I inserted a title banner to come up with 13.   Let’s swing a black cat to dispel the Halloween jinx and here is my explanation of why I put quilts where I did.

Row one: Hands, and the colors blend nicely also.

Row two:  As a photographer I especially enjoyed the full moons we have been seeing this summer so Alice’s quilt gave me the idea for the Material Maven’s title banner. What better place for Kathy’s quilt – front and center.

Row three: Let’s call it “reaching for the stash” row. Clever all!

Row four: You could call this “The Botany” row with a spiral start to end and with humor. I’m still grinning when I look at Carolyn’s “Reach.” We have a 12-foot rolling library ladder in our study. Our 4-year-old grandson likes nothing better than to pull it away from the wall and climb to the top and give his Omie a panic attack.

Friends, another wonderful, creative adventure.