Friday, November 9, 2012

Reveal Day and Where Do You Display Your MMs?

Greetings, Mavens!  As you no doubt know, November 15, our next reveal day for the Travel quilt, is coming up next week on Thursday.  I'll be out of town that day, but I have a draft of the photo and explanation done and will be able to post on time from a remote computer.  From Mississippi, of all places!  A friend of mine invited me (old English teacher that I am) to accompany her on a "literary pilgrimage" visit to the birthplaces of Faulker, Eudora Welty, and Willie Morris.  I'm reading Morris's memoir right now, NORTH TOWARD HOME, but just today learned that he also wrote MY DOG SKIP.  There is a charming movie made from that book, one of the few that adults and children can enjoy equally together.  (But keep a tissue handy!)

I photographed my Travel quilt today outside on this bright, sunny fall day.  For the first time I used a tripod, and why I've not done that before, I don't know.  It made it much easier to zoom in and to keep the camera steady.

I came in to my studio and pinned it up with the other MM quilts on my design wall.  That made me wonder what all of you do with your quilts, once they're quilted?  The MMs, I mean.  Husband Bob wants me to hang mine somewhere outside my studio, where more visitors can view them.  But we have so little wall space left!  I am open to ideas from all of you.  On our first floor, we do have high ceilings, and so we could possibly hang them up high somewhere, but that would mean getting out the ladder every two months.  And HOW exactly to hang them?  I want a quick and easy hanging method!

Rita, as you perhaps know, displays hers, as well as her husband Randy's wonderful mosaics of all of our quilts, in a long hall at their church that cried out for adornment.  How generous of her, and what a wonderful way to acquaint more people about art quilts!

Anyway, below you will see a photo of all 7 of my MM quilts so far, with fabric hiding the Travel one!  As you can tell, I used a level to hang the ones on the right straight, but didn't want to get out a taller ladder to re-do the ones on the left!  These are in order, from the top, left to right:  Harmony, Surprise, South, Elements, Mystery, Daydream, Spiral, and the hidden Travel!  My own personal favorites are Harmony, Surprise, South, Mystery, and Spiral.  The only one I really do NOT like very much (too cutesy!) is Daydream!  Elements is okay and pretty and I love the fabrics, but I guess I am just more of a literalist than an abstractist--and Blogger is telling me that that is not a word! (But it ought to be.)