Friday, August 2, 2019

The Tear Composite

Did you remember, the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in an 8-way tie? All 8 finalist could not be stumped and were declared winners and each were awarded the $50,000 prize. When I saw this round’s Material Maven’s challenge word, my immediate reaction was, “May I hear it used in a sentence please?”  Seven Maven quilters stepped up to the challenge and stitched “teer” [sic] and “tare” [sic] in creative and unique ways – again. I hope you tried to determine how the composite layout made any kind of sense before you read these next sentences. Fact is, even after Alice [basking in cool Michigan instead of down here in 100-degree Waco temperatures] posts these notes, I may change MY perspective.
Here goes:
Only 7 quilts, actually two distinct themes, “teer” as in water from your eye in sadness or in happiness, and “tare” as in, “Opps, ripped my britches, again.”
Top row: Carolyn and Kathy chose to illustrate both uses of the word.  Carolyn touched the point beautifully, tears for those torn. Kathy, you can almost reach out and touch a falling “teer” drop.
Second row:Both Judy and Alice chose to “tare” their fabrics. The jean patch did give me a grin. A young lady [teenager] colleague I work with, wears those jeans that, 50 years ago we would have been embarrassed to wear. Today they sell for a premium price – with patches. Alice, clever way to use your scraps from a current project in Michigan, without the benefit of the fabrics in Waco in your stash.
Third row: Nedra, you made me – almost – shed a happy “teer.” We take our grandson to the zoo and he loves to feed the giraffe. I know how important it is for us to make sure the species are protected, in zoos. But I also wonder how the animals feel. Andrea, I wonder how many of us are wondering what that e-mail said šŸ˜Š. Your quilt is so vivid I can just see someone chasing that shopping cart down a hill, in the rain, and in today’s world, no one trying to help. Tricia. Great job turning a photo into fabric.
Job well done – all.