Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Sara!

Mavens, we now have our 13th member, Sara, from Houston.  Several of us in our MM group have been fellow students with Sara at Quilting Adventures in New Braunfels, TX, for the past several springs.  Carolyn was in the same class with Sara (and with Patti!) last March, and recently Carolyn suggested her name to me as a potential member.  I emailed her, and today I've received a reply from her, saying that she would love to join us.

She is now in the process of going through the red tape of becoming an author on this blog, but I wanted to pass on the good news to you now.  Soon, hopefully, she will be composing her first post, to tell all of us a bit about her.

Meanwhile, I toyed with the idea of re-naming our group, and in a way I have--see the box at the right!  But I hesitated to change our "official" name, since I feared that doing so might mean that several of us might have trouble finding us again!

But I have added Sara to the official list of group members at the right, and I changed the description of our blog to the top box, where you see our sub-title displayed.

And now here is out revised schedule, with Sara added:

(1) Carolyn chooses theme #1 in July, 2011, for September, 2011's quilt.
(2) Linda chooses theme #2 on Sept. 15, 2011, for November, 2011's quilt.
(3) Jane chooses theme #3 on Nov. 15, 2011, for January, 2012's quilt.
(4) Judy chooses theme #4 on Jan. 15, 2012,  for March, 2012's quilt.
(5) Rita chooses theme #5 on Mar. 15, 2012, for May, 2012's quilt.
(6) Patti chooses theme #6 on May 15, 2012, for July 2012's quilt.
(7) Andrea chooses theme #7 on July 15, 2012, for Sept. 2012's quilt.
(8) Alice chooses theme #8 for on Sept. 15, 2012,  Nov. 2012's quilt.
(9) Petra chooses theme #9 on Nov. 15, 2012,  for Jan 2013's quilt.
(10)  Kym chooses theme #10 on Jan. 15 2013 for March 2013's quilt
(11) Barbara chooses theme #11 on Mar. 15, 2013, for May, 2013's quilt
(12) Kathy chooses theme #12 on May 15, 2013, for July, 2013's quilt
(13)  Sara chooses theme #13 on July 15, for September, 2013's quilt