Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All the Element Quilts!

I'm late getting to this, but I am sure you all understand why.  But now it is done, and here they are.
Now let's see if I can remember who did what!

Top row:  Linda's, Barbara's, Nedra's
Second row:  Judy S's, Patti's, Kathy's
Third Row:  Rita's, Judy W's, Sara's
Fourth Row:  Andrea's, Alice's, Carolyn's
Fifth Row:  Petra's

As usual, they look so great all arranged together!  

Some suggestions for photography next time:  (1) If at all possible (and now that it's spring, it ought to be!), take your photo in natural light outside; (2) Take the photo "straight on"--Not hard to do if you tape it to a piece of foam core or even poster board; (3) Crop your photo before posting.  I had to do some cropping, and you might not like the way I did it!  (4) You don't need to put your camera on the highest resolution, but put it on a setting such that the picture is sharp and clear.

As for the natural light:  I took two of my quilt, one inside and one outside.  It was amazing how much brighter and truer the colors were in the photo taken outdoors!