Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi I want to thank you for asking me to join your group. I am very excited about joining.  I have never blogged before so we'll see how I do.   Just to let you know a little about myself.   I live in Massachusetts. I have sewed since I was a child as I am sure most of you have also.  I went to school for photography and fell in love with screen printing.  I had a screen printing business for many years but decided to close as my husband was traveling for work so much and I was raising our 4 children.  Still needing a creative outlet I saw a class for a "quilt camp".  It was a week long class during school hours and I was hooked.  I feel with quilting I am combining my photography, screen printing graphic experience and sewing all in one.  For the last few years I have been creating small landscape quilts based on my images of Nantucket. I also photographed over two hundred and fifty vanity license plates on Nantucket and manufactured a line of bags with the images.  You can see them and a few quilts on my web site

Looking forward to posting in January!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Travel Collage

Here are all of our travel quilts!  Once again, we can thank Rita's husband Randy for assembling it for us in such an artful manner.

Here are the quilt makers.  Top row, left to right:  Andrea, Carolyn, Judy S.
Second row:  Nedra, Janet, Alice
Third row:  Judy W., Wendy, Barbara
Fourth row:  Sara, Linda, Kathy
Bottom row:  Rita

Now, what do you think?  Do any of you want me to try my hand again at making a postcard from this group?  If you DO want a card, let me know.  I recall that I "owe" several of you cards since you over-paid me last time.  But you who did, do you want another spiral card or a new travel one?
Let me know ASAP!