Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Harmony diversion


I thought I would practice posting with a photo in preparation for the Harmony reveal on September 15th.
If I can't make this work, I might need more remedial help from Linda!
Norma, a friend of my mothers', will be 92 on August 22. Although my mother died in 2003, my sister & I have kept in touch
with her. I looked in a number of stores for an appropriate birthday card but had no luck, either too cute, or too serious.
Nothing was "just right", sooooo, last minute, decided to make a fabric card to enclose with my letter and MM blog print out.
I gave myself until 4:00 yesterday to complete ( about 1 hour ) so that I could bring the quite "hefty" package to the post office to be weighed & mailed. Had I given myself more time, would have probably made something more complicated. Here goes...lets see if the photo of the card shows up on the blog! ( I'm keeping my fingers crossed! )

Judy Back from Missouri

I have traveled to and from Missouri where I visited my Mom, sisters, brother and father-in-law. I packed in as much family, art, and food as possible in the short week. My sister, Susan and brother, Stephen live close to Mom so we were able to visit quite a bit. Susan, Mom and I went to my sister, Peggy's house in St. Peters and met up with our sister, Heidi. During my stay I was able to go to the St. Louis art museum, see beautiful artwork at the Martinsburg church where I had my wedding, see quilts and wedding dresses at their library, go to our favorite childhood bakery for cream horns (called cream puffs when we were young), take a tour of Susan's flowers and have a bar-b-que picnic at her house, visit my brothers place, enjoy the fantastic cool temperatures and all the nature around (hummingbirds and gold finches were plentiful!), and tuck in time to make a bag to see if it will be a good class to teach when I got back to Texas. Yesterday, was my day to readjust back to my life at home. I'm almost unpacked now. That's what I have been up to.