Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lois Schlowsky - New Member from Atlanta

 My name is Lois Romei Schlowsky and I am so thrilled to be the new member of Material Mavens. Just love your name!!! I am intrigued by your bi-monthly challenge to create marvelous fabric works of art.

I look forward to many fun projects together

I have been sewing since home economics class in the 7th grade.
In high school, I made and designed most of my clothes. Then I went to Art School (majoring in printmaking and painting) at RIT where I met Tricia Deck, who is a dear friend.  (So happy you put a good word in for me Tricia.)

Professionally, I had a career as an illustrator, doing corporate illustration and children’s  textbook book illustration for 25 plus years.

My husband and I moved to Aruba for 5 years, where I resumed gallery painting , and got reintroduced to sewing by a Quilting Group I joined on Aruba.   I had seen some of Tricia’s quilts- found the island quilting group and decided at her urging to give it a go.
The group was about 25 strong, which is amazing for such a tiny island.  I could not have been with a more supportive, diverse group of women, from age 23 to 82.
I have included a couple of quilts I made on Aruba for you to see.

I now live in Atlanta Georgia, and after several years of caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s, now have the time to get back to quilting.  I have a painter’s mindset with my fabric, and create with fabric on the fly.  I so admire the patience and skill it takes to do precise piecing.My work tends to be more fluid as  I’ve never been able to color within the lines!!!!