Friday, July 25, 2014

The Friendship Composite

I have been out of town since the day after our last Reveal, so I am very late getting this posted!

I always enjoy reading Randy's rationale for why he puts the quilts where he does!  So I thought I would just copy here what he sent to me:

Row one:
Kathy's image just seemed to fit to start off the page--as a nice label.  Barbara's kids then lead us into Andrea's and just a bit of color for a nice transition to all the color below.

Row two:
The eye is hit by that tremendous splash of "Color my world friends" (to steal Jane's words.) We have our grandson this week so Alice's quilt and our favorite flower tugged a smile and a hug (and we've seen that field) (and one of my favorite quilts of Rita's is a sunflower quilt), which leads to  Janet's philosophy, good friends are often opposites--so that row just came together very nicely. 

Row three:
Started off to be the row of people's faces, first and last.   And the middle, you say? You can't read Nedra's description without coming away thinking friendship of a global and personal level, especially "the rings." 

Row four:
Sara's quilt and this row does a magnificent job symbolizing that we all find "the wind under our wings" in different ways.  

Row five:
This row allows me a personal "rant" so please tolerate.  It's short. We have access to so much electronic gadgetry today we are forgetting how to forge long-lasting friendships face-to-face. Carol, Judy, and Carolyn have reminded us how important this is to our well-being.

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of such a talented, creative group.


And thank you, as always Randy, for doing such a super job of putting together our composites.
And how fun it was to read the "whys" of your arrangement!