Monday, August 29, 2011

Alice On the Road

Hey, Mavens!  I'm now in Michigan, having traveled here by car from Texas with my youngest daughter and her two sons.  Tomorrow I fly from here to CA, where I'll be until 9/9.  I will try from there to access all of your email addresses so that I can send out a reminder about our "letters" project. 

I talked via cell phone today with Linda, Carolyn, and Andrea.  I am hoping that C or A will post sometime in the next few days about their meeting one another in Massachusetts.  So glad that Boston escaped the worst of Irene!

No, not in Greece, in Nashville!  We ate lunch across from
the park where this replica of the Parthenon stands.
Meanwhile, hope the letters project is coming along.  You can get my email address from this blog, if any of you need further instructions about this pre-BIG REVEAL project!  Hope you are managing to stay Harmonious in your busy lives!