Friday, August 5, 2011

News from Kathy

Thanks to Alice for a great quilting afternoon and for tutoring me in "Blog Basics!" This is my first Blog, and my quilting friends in Alaska who've been gently hounding me to start blogging will be thrilled :-)

I'm excited about the Material Mavens' first project - Harmony - and look forward to meeting all of you on-line. I think it'll be great working together on our quilting adventures.

Peace & blessings to all.... Kathy

Greetings from Alice and Kathy

Kathy and I are having a fun afternoon.  I'm tutoring her on the finer points of blogging, and Kathy has shared many of her fantastic art quilts with me.  We met at a nearby deli for lunch.  Here's a picture of Kathy and me after our lunch.
Kathy and Alice, after lunch