Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sara's Communication - Signal from Noise

My husband and I went for a stroll around our neighborhood right after the last theme was announced. We were surprised to see a telephone junction box open and the man working on it was even more surprised when I had to back up to snap a picture of it. The box was filled with a huge array of wires that captivated me. I've never understood how communication guys can keep the comings and goings of any wire straight when there are so many of them. My husband mentioned that he had a small supply of wires from when our office building was remodeled and thus came this little quilt.
I intended to use hand stitching but that did not happen - all was accomplished by machine. I sewed the buttons on by machine and then added the zig zagging lines of quilting connecting them. That reminded me of why it is recommended that embellishment come AFTER the quilting - it was much harder quilting after embellishment but I only lost one needle. I wrapped telephone wire around the buttons and top stitched over them outside and between the buttons for a bit of security. The edges are finished in a zig zag stitch.

My posting is a day late with apologies, the quilt was complete but my transit from Quilting Adventures back to my home after a two week absence took more time and was more draining than anticipated.