Friday, September 14, 2012

Linda's Spiral - an early reveal

Because I am often in a spiral, I felt confident to work with this theme for September. I have earrings galore which have spiral designs. I often feel like a dancer in a spiral; and I like the zany and untraditional that the symbol connotes.

At a recent quilt show, I obsessed over a seemingly simple spiral block quilt that did not seem to interest others. I casually tried to sketch how to compose the tricky block; so I was pleased to have an excuse to work with the block in detail. All I needed was the two colors of fabrics. 

At the NH Mancuso quilt show, in the last vendor booth which I visited, there were batik spirals fabrics perfect for the job. I chose colors opposite on the color wheel to hint at, (somewhat like yin and yang) the good and the bad spirals in life or the world today. I set the small erratic fabric spirals inside the larger architectural spiral of achieved calm. The back of the quilt is a hand-dyed spiral of a same color which I found in my stash.