Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tricia's House Quilt

Dear Fellow Material Mavens,  As you know several us met in Nantucket last May for a retreat at my house.  The members were able to come secretly created this amazing quilt for me.  I wanted to share it with all of our group.  From top left the squares are Alice, Gail, Carolyn, Nedra, Lois, Jane, Rita, Sara and Andrea

 Here is my thank you note to the group

Now that I feel like I am above water. I wanted to send out a note to all of you!  You can see your beautiful quilt hanging in our house.  I look at it every day and marvel at the beauty and originality.  You were all so thoughtful in creating it. I know I sent a note when I received it but wanted to show you were it is hanging and to let you know I keep looking at it and admiring all the detail you put into it.
Alice I love the Lobster house and your boat The Alice Elizabeth
Gail I love that your created my house with all our names and Mr Moss on the roof.  What great house fabric.
Carolyn Your hand work and your quilting are just so beautiful
Nedra I love the hydrangeas and fence.  Your sky fabric is beautiful. Love the roof quilting
Lois  What a perfect house Sankaty! I love seeing the photo fabric and the quilting in the sky. We were able to climb Sankaty last fall for the first time.  What a beautiful view from there
Jane I love your stitching along the house, the flowers and the roof quilting.
Rita What a fun house with the roses encircling the house.  Wonderful hydrangeas in the yard.
Sara Your stitching the house is just fabulous. You also used the confetti technique for the hedges
Andrea What a summer scene with the sailboats and Mr Moss behind the door.

The Artist Association keeps asking when you will be coming back.