Friday, June 15, 2012

Kathy H's Dream Studio!

Greetings again, Mavens and others!  I just posted about my fun day silk screening with Kathy H., one of our fellow Mavens.  Now I want to show you photos of her state-of-the-art studio!

Behind Kathy's machine is a gorgeous piece of art which functions as a bulletin board.
This was fabricated from steel which was blow-torched, resulting in various and gorgeous
colors.  My picture doesn't do it justice, because of the flash reflecting in
its surface.  But believe me, it is beautiful.
Moving around to the left you see shelves with books, DVDs, etc.
with a work surface running along the wall beneath the shelves.

More of the same wall, the other side of the window.  Kathy's Handi-Quilter is here.

Behind a curtain are shelves on rollers where more supplies are store.

Here is that closet with the curtain concealing its contents.

The 4th wall holds more shelves.  Kathy decoupaged fabric on the
sides of these shelves to make them more attractive.

In a study/guest room is a big closet where all of Kathy's quilts
are stored.

Behind the door to her studio, pegboard and tools.

On the back of the door, a shoe caddy with more tools.

This and the next pictures show the high shelves storing more
necessities.  Batting above.

Threads of many varieties stored in bins, carefully labeled.

A close-up of the thread bins.

Adventures in Silk Screening with AB and KH!

 Mavens, one month from today our Daydream quilt is due!  Time seems to fly faster between each reveal and the next!

Kathy H. invited me to Gatesville (43+ miles from my front door to hers) to do some silk screening.  She had given all the local Mavens and a few from our guild a demonstration lesson some time ago, but time ran out on us and we didn't get to do much actual screening.  But kind Kathy invited me over for a day of fun.  We screened in the morning, ate delicious sandwiches her husband assembled for us, and screened some more after lunch.  Then Kathy gave me a quick lesson in free motion quilting.

I thought you fellow Mavens would like to see some photos of us at work and some of the results of my screening.  No doubt someday some of this fabric will end up in a quilt for Material Mavens.  I'll soon post again with photos of Kathy's state-of-the-art studio!

Kathy generously let me have some of her rust-dyed fabrics to experiment with!  And of course, all the screens were hers.  I brought my own paint--some of it was Setacolor, others were Liquitex.  And the green was Kathy's--forget its brand!

Kathy digging through a bin of rust-dyed fabric.

Alice ironing some of the pieces she chose to screen print.

Top, rust-dyed ticking with two different screen prints.
Bottom left, a leaf print and a wonderfully intricate circle.
Bottom right, blue bull's eye with a hard to describe gold screen print--you may have to click to enlarge to see it.

Yet another piece of light aqua screen printed with a big screen, complicated
design, and more of those wonderful gold circles.

Close up of the dark fabric with the leaves and gold circles.