Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day Two in Nantucket

I confess that I am using our schedule of events from now on--the one that Tricia first sent to us--, and I realize that things had to be changed up.  So I might get the order of our presentations wrong!

Two others who "presented" and taught us exciting techniques and/or products to use in making art quilts were Andrea and Sara.  Andrea lugged her Thermofax machine via her car, to Nantucket, which was truly going "above and beyond"!  She demonstrated several different methods of screen printing.  All of us got to experiment with the first method, which involved making stencils from freezer paper.  Those (unlike me!) who had come prepared with something to be sent through the Thermofax machine got to try that method as well.

Sara had a thorough and fascinating demonstration of all the myriad apps on the iPad that can be used by art quilters.  I was so enthralled by her words that I failed to take any photos of her as she presented.  I know those who have iPads probably took notes hard and fast.  Not having one, I did not.  But I did come away longing for an iPad and planning to put that on my Wish List for Christmas, birthday, and Mother's Day!

Wednesday evening we had reservations at Nautilus, truly a "happening" place where all the beautiful, YOUNG folk of Nantucket hang out.  It is a tapas place, and we feasted on a variety of "little plates."  I want to hear from you Mavens out there who were there.....  Dare I share at least ONE of the funny stories about this evening--the one that involved my saying "tapas" and another misunderstanding?  Let me know.  If this is "legit", I will add it to this account of Wednesday!

Here are some photos from (I hope!) Wednesday of the wonderful five day retreat in Nantucket.  The captions explain; click to enlarge:

Chief and his cab--he picked us up daily and brought us back to Tricia's house

Mary's house--the studio's windows can be seen behind the fence.  A wonderfully big studio with plenty of work space!

Carolyn silk screening--arm and shoulder belong to our silk screening guru, Andrea!

The retreat group in front of Nautilus.  Left to right, front row: Tricia, Rita, Alice, Gail, Jane.
Back row:  you can barely see Carolyn, Andrea, and then Sara, Tricia, and Lois.

Nedra and Andrea
Rita and Carolyn
Tricia, Gail, Lois
Alice and Tricia
Andrea and Sara
Carolyn and Nedra