Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excitement from Carolyn

Guess what? I am going to Boston in late August for a nursing class reunion in nearby Rockport, and Andrea, Linda and I have planned a meeting. It will be so exciting to meet two East coast members of the Material Mavens! We will be sure to make a photo of the three of us and post it on our blog. I'm sure we will discuss how we are coming along on our HARMONY quilts - without giving away our designs, of course. This will be so much fun! I hope more of us will have the opportunity to meet as time goes by!

Alice's News and Doings

Lake Michigan Beach Boys (this is my quilt; I made
a duplicate for my daughter).  You may click to enlarge.
I was so delighted to check my administrator's page to discover that Petra is now an "author"!  That means that all of us except for our newest member, Kathy, are officially authors of our group blog.  I really goofed with Petra!  I kept inviting her to be an author, and I kept wondering where she was and why she had not accepted the invitation.  Well, guess what, I had typed her email address in wrong.  So she never got all my invitations!  But all is well now, after I discovered my goof.  So good to see Petra's name listed as an author!

I'm still busy with my various birthday projects and am anticipating a visit from all the children and grandchildren, a mini reunion and surprise birthday party for my oldest sister, a small dinner party here at our home, and of course much commotion and fun with the four grandchildren.  (And much cooking and cleaning up, etc. etc.)  After two weeks of that, I will then be driving with my youngest daughter and her two boys to Michigan, flying from there to California.  My reason for that trip is to help my other daughter's mother in law take care of our shared grandchildren,  while daughter and her husband go on an extended trip.

So!  I really need to get my Harmony quilt done before Aug. 11, when all the hordes descend.  I finished the portrait quilt for our youngest daughter's birthday, and am coming along well on the traditional quilt for my sister's.  I am so eager to finish that one so that I can get to work on Harmony! I'll "decorate" this post with the quilt top of my own quilt, a duplicate of our daughter's quilt; hers is now being quilted by our fellow Maven, Judy!  The portrait portrays youngest daughter's two boys on the left oldest daughter's son on the right.  It was based on a photo taken five years ago this summer, at Lake Michigan.  And, yes, soon Ill need to do a portrait quilt for the other daughter, of her son and daughter!

Hope that all of you are well and are as excited about our group as I am!  I am so curious:  has anyone finished Harmony yet?