Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kathy's STRONG: Sparky... Add'l Information !

Dear Mavens...   While chatting with MM Andrea this afternoon (yes... on the phone and in "real time") I was explaining to her in a bit more depth about how I transferred Sparky's image from my iPhone to iPhoto (MacBook) to printer, etc.  and why I chose to embellish his photo with the Inktense Water Soluble pencils and the Caran D'Ache Water Soluble wax pastels.

I'm just guessing that my printer was "Low" on at least one of the ink cartridges (perhaps more than one), and when I printed my one and only computer-to-printer-to-fabric image of Sparky, my poor puppy looked more like bizarre cartoon character than the lovely image you saw on the final quilt.

Sparky's nose and both eyes were neon green (imagine fluorescent !)   He looked more other-worldly, even nether-worldly .... certainly not of this world !   What was I to do ?

I'd recently watched some You Tube presentations on the water soluble products mentioned above, and hoped they'd be able to help me salvage the printed image.   To my delight, both products worked beautifully !   They concealed the neon "glow," made it possible to add some dog-hair texture to the image, and best of all, allowed Sparky's true nature to shine through.   I was thrilled !

I dried the fabric with my hair dryer, heat set it from the back side of the image with a no-steam iron, then mounted it to the black ultra suede.   Then, and only then was I able to start the thread painting !

Had my printer given me the image I thought I was going to get, I may never have taken the time to use the extraordinary water soluble pencils and pastels. Those 2 products helped turn a potential disaster into what is probably one of my finest pieces (to date !) of art !

Lemons-to-Lemonaid !  Just thought you'd want to know :-D     Peace & blessings,     Kathy