Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi Alice - Thanks for the play-by-play photos of your beautiful quilt and the narrative... Outstanding :-)

AND for all of you MMs who've been challenged by metallic thread(s), here's some info that might help: There are at least 2 kinds of metallic thread... (1) the slippery, shimmer-y kind like Sulky Sliver, and Madeira Holoshimmer (these are also known as 'flat ribbon' thread); and the tends-to-be 'snarfy' metallic that's actually metallic filament wound around a poly core. When I'm using metallic threads, I always use a metallic (or metallica) needle; usually a size 90/14, or an 80/12 (for the finer wt. metallics). A metallic needle has a larger 'eye' that reduces friction on the thread as it passes back and forth through the needle.

AND... one of the biggest got-to-have's is a wonderful product from Prym-Dritz called "Sewer's Aid." You can find it at any of the larger sewing/fabric stores (in the quilting notions section), and many of the Quilt Shops carry it as well. It's a small, clear bottle (contains 1/2 oz.) with blue printing. Sewer's Aid helps lubricate the metallic threads (and other threads that are being stubborn) to keep them from shredding and breaking. It's wonderful!

To use Sewer's Aid, take the cap off the bottle, hold your spool of thread in one hand, then with your other hand, squeeze a very thin line of Sewer's Aid from the top of the spool to the bottom of the spool. I usually run a thin line in 4 different spots (think North, West, South, East). The silicone lubricant helps make sewing with metallic threads so much more pleasant !

As a precaution.... some of my students have been not to use Sewer's Aid (or similar products) on their particular machine(s). If that's the case, then please check with your sewing machine dealer to get his/her opinion. As for me.... I have Bernina machines, have used Sewer's Aid and metallic threads on all of them, and they sew like a dream.

Have fun.... don't give up on those luscious, enticing Metallics ! Peace & blessings, Kathy