Friday, February 17, 2017

Central Texas Mavens Winning Quilts at the Waco Quilt Show!

I'm not going to post photos of ALL the quilts we Central Texans entered, but I will post photos of those quilts that won ribbons.  I was very proud of our Mavens, I have to say!  Congratulations to all!

I posted on Facebook the display of the MM quilts we've made since we began "round two."  Perhaps I'll post again with those photos, but this will be about the individual quilts which won ribbons.

Our show designates quilters as either "artisan" or "master."  To be considered the latter, a quilter would have had to receive at least two first place ribbons in the past and/or taught a class (or many!) and/or quilted for compensation.  There may be other criteria, as well, but those are the ones I recall.
An artisan is everyone else.

I realized when I got home that I had omitted several quilts that were ribbon winners!  One was Judy's in the "miniature" category.  It was her Whisper Quilt from a year ago, and she named it "Jungle Beauty."

 Carolyn received a red and a blue in the "artisan art quilt" category!
 And I got the third place ribbon in the same category.
 I receive another third place ribbon for my "large pieced" artisan two-person quilt.  Another quilter quilted this for me, and she did a beautiful job of custom quilting.

 Rita received a third place ribbon in the master group quilt category.

 Judy received a red ribbon in the master art quilt category.
 And Judy received a blue ribbon in the same category.

 Rita received a third place in the "other techniques" category for her yo-yo quilt.  Below I zoomed in so that you could see the yo-yos better!

Another blue ribbon for Rita.  This was also in the "other techniques" category.  The embroidery on this quilt is exquisite!  
 And a red ribbon for Rita for this gorgeous quilt! This quilt Rita calls "Burgoyne Surrounded my Little Brown Bird."  This category was one person, large appliquéd.

 Kathy received a red ribbon in the "master, one person, appliquéd" wall quilt for her quilt called "Great Shoes."
Another of Kathy's with a third-place winner, also appliquéd, called "XOXOXO for Baby Jillian".

 Another of Rita's, this one a third place winner, called "Snow Days," in the "other techniques" category; it is pieced and embroidered.  Sorry the light was poor for photography, and so I couldn't get a good shot.