Sunday, September 16, 2012

The center of Rita's Sunflower Spiral

Here is the closeup of the center of my sunflower that some of you requested.

Nedra's Spiral - Stamps

Just as I was naming my post, I realized that the rectangular shapes, pinked edges and machine quilting on the green strips reminded me of postage stamps so there you have it -"Stamps".   And what an appropriate name because all of the spiral shapes on the quilt were stamped.

I started by painting fabric a blue/green hue to create a background fabric.  The small red spiral pattern on the background fabric was made with a large purchased rubber stamp and more fabric paint.  I used a combination of a wooden spiral shape and a foam shape(cut from a larger foam board) as stamps with yellow/green paint to make the larger red spirals.  I then cut out three rentangular shapes from the fabric I stamped.  The red and green strips were cut from matching batik fabric with a pinking edged rotary cutter and all pieces were fused onto a commercial fabric from my stash that matched perfectly.  I then machine quilted a few spirals, however the lighting is not great and it is hard to see so here is a close up of those.

My color scheme is based on a split complementary pattern of blue-green, red and yellow-green which I chose when I began.  I would never wear anything in this color combination but it's supposed to work according to the color wheel!