Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HI. Karen Pulaski here!!

Hi Mavens. I'm happy to be part of your talented group.

  I've been sewing for most of my life. I started my career in the bridal field. For 13 years I made or altered bridal dresses.
   I made the move to teaching quilting 20+ years ago. I've added children's sewing classes to the mix as well.
   I enjoy all the aspects of the quilt. Machine applique is what I really love.

 I am however not a pro with the computer. I'm going to try to post some pictures for you to see. If they don't show up you can go to my Face Book page, Karen Pulaski Fiber Arts to see what I've posted so far.

I've enjoyed seeing the posts from Nantucket. I'm disappointed that I couldn't be there.

Thank you

Learning on The Third Day in Nantucket

Jane taught us about water soluble media, and all of us tried out hand at all of the many products she brought.  In the first of the photos below, you can see us gathered around the big table as we listen to Jane.  In the second photo, Sara, Jane, and Gail are working with some of this media.  After we got home, Jane sent us emails with the information she had shared in written form.  

Rita then showed us her "confetti art quilt" and demonstrated this technique.  She had a design planned for us to practice with, and all of us took turns adding confetti (tiny snippets of batik fabrics) to this art quilt.  The next day, Rita showed us how to cover the "confetti art" with tulle and how to apply pins all across the quilt to secure it.  Then Rita demonstrated that the tulle and the pins really DID keep the confetti in place!

All of us show some of what we did with Jane's media!
Back row:  Lois, Sara, Andrea.  Middle row:  Rita, Carolyn,Jane,
Kneeling in front:  Alice, Gail, and Nedra.

Jane, Gail, and Sara at work on the confetti quilt.

Alice and Nedra add some finishing touches.  Uh oh!  Where did those kitties
come from????  (This is my all -time favorite photo of the week!
Thanks to the "Cat  Bomb" app for iPhones and iPads!)
Gail and Sara at work
Rita about to pin the tulle to the confetti art quilt
So the confetti really does stay put!  Behind Rita
are Jane and Tricia, and then Nedra is sitting at the table.