Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jane's Update

i expect most of you know by now that I had a crazy turn in my life recently. I developed lymphoma in my thyroid which caused difficulty breathing and eating and talking and all that stuff that goes on in your neck.
I ultimately had surgery and have begun chemotherapy which should cure this condition. It was very scary and very difficult for a couple of weeks that felt like a lifetime.
I didn't get my space quilt completed. And it was my theme! I had decided to do something on outer space because when I started art quilting, I made several Nova or Supernova pieces. My vision of outer space is very colorful and explosive.
I dyed a piece of silk for the background then started painting on it using some techniques Gail had shared with me. That is as far as I got before this medical emergency hit.
I hope to be back in the studio again soon. Until then, I hope you will continue to pray for me. The prayers I have already felt have been a great comfort.
Thanks for embracing the theme with such diverse quilts.