Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Composite is Here!

Ok, admit it, how many still have that song stuck in your brain?

Sorry about that, but it is a cute melody.  And one you can “reflect” on while you consider your next challenge. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

Eleven quilts this time and we look forward to seeing Karen and Andrea in our next reflections; ditto last sentence above.  We'll also look forward to seeing our latest members' quilts, those of Candace and Teresa!  Two more Arkansas artists! Fifteen quilts, wow!  That is going to be fun!

Row one is a great illustration of how creativity works. The brain thinks of umbrellas; the creative brain sees different images, and the results make a beautiful row.

Row two sees “super-cali-fragilistic,” “splendid, above, beauty, delicate”.  In one word: flowers.

Row three portrays babies, kids, grandkids, carousels.  Need I say more?

Row four. A ladies purse is a pure mystery to me. Rita will tell me, “Well, it’s in my purse, just get it.” I plead the 5th; no way am I getting in that 20 pound shoulder suit-case. Thank you for the very pleasant trip down memory lane Tricia: many years ago I built my daughter a doll house and purchased many such doll house accessories such as the one you used.  And you can fly away over Kathy’s magic flower garden, humming Mary Poppins' tune to your heart’s content. Just try to get it out of your.....oh, go ahead, whistle while you stitch!

To everyone, as usual, a job well done!

Note from Alice:  Rita and Randy, like several others (!!!), are continuing to have issues with Blogger and with posting what they want to post.  So that's why I am posting this for Randy!