Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five Mavens at Festival in Houston!

As planned, the five of us there at the Quilt Festival in Houston got together Thursday evening for a delicious dinner and much fun conversation.  Above you see, from left, Alice, Carolyn, Judy, Sara, and Rita.  The latter two took classes, and they gave enthusiastic reports on how much they enjoyed them and how much they learned.  Judy worked a vendor booth, as she does every year (and at many other quilt venues!), so how she can look so totally un-tired and cheerful is testimony to her youth!  Alice and Carolyn chiefly feasted their eyes on the gorgeous quilts, concentrating primarily on art quilts.
The "big winners" were stunning, and the various sizes and categories of art quilts, amazing.

A highlight for Carolyn and Alice during Wednesday's Preview Night was seeing "up close and personal" the two different series of the original 12 x 12 group.  Karen was manning the exhibit [womaning the exhibit???!!!], and what a delightful person she is!  We identified ourselves, and she got out her iPad, went to their website or blog, and then found us in the sidebar.  She seemed to like in particular our banner, and she commented most favorably on our quilts.

Before dinner on Thursday, Carolyn and Alice went back to see who else might be there, and we met Deborah Boschert, Gerrie Congdon, Kristin La Flamme, Karen Rips again, and Brenda Gael Smith.

Thursday evening after our dinner we not only brought out and examined closely one another's little Harmony quilts, but Judy showed us how to Zentangel (is that a verb?) and also some lovely examples of her machine quilting.  Sara, the only Houstonian, had forgotten to bring HER quilt, so she
was the photographer for the picture of the four Mavens who brought theirs!  Sara, incidentally, had the group Alice in Wonderland puzzle quilt, for which she posted a photo here earlier, was a Maven who had a quilt exhibited in Houston.  What an honor!

Carolyn, Alice, Judy, and Rita with our Harmony quilts!

And here's Sara with her Harmony quilt!