Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Judy's Serenity

With this little quilt I just wanted to create the feeling of “Serenity”. I started by painting a background that is soothing and joyful with the colors of a sunset.

I looked for hands that were in the praying shape, but most of them were at an angle so that you could see that they were hands. Then I came across hands open and it felt right. I then had to decide what I would do to create movement. I thought that I might use flowers, birds, and hearts, but that seemed too chaotic and serenity would be gone. Next it was hearts and I was cutting they out of all kinds of colors. Again, it was getting chaotic and cluttered. Three fabrics were chosen and then grouped together to make them flow upwards.

I have great peace when I think about others, so the hearts symbolize the love I send out to everyone when they come to mind. I love the hands open because when I hold my hands open they feel so right and they can be in praise, prayer, joy, or a place to receive and rejoice in all that is amazing.