Saturday, December 15, 2018

Judy Steward and her One Woman Show!

Judy has had a one-woman show of her quilts for the last few weeks and has several more weeks to go.  A friend of mine and I went to see them today.  We were delighted that Judy was there to walk with us through the gallery.  I had seen the majority of them, either at her home or studio, and of course, I'd seen all the MM quilts.  But I was amazed at how many were NOT familiar to me!  Judy is one prolific fiber artist!

In the photo at the top, Judy is standing in front of the quilt she calls the Flag Quilt.  It is made up of hundreds and hundreds of tiny 2 1/2" squares that she acquired years ago in an exchange with other local quilters.  This quilt was a long time in process, but the final result is stunning!

In the second photo, Judy stands in front of all of her MM quilts, plus a few additional ones.  This is a double row of the little quilts, hung in the middle of this big room, and this is such an effective way to display these quilts!  I asked her to stand so that you could see the quilt that's just above her right shoulder.  This isn't an MM quilt, but it's one that ought to be, if it had fit any of our themes!  Actually there are two other little quilts in this display that aren't MM quilts, but I couldn't get all three of them into this picture.  The boot quilt at the far right is one of them, but the other didn't make the photo shoot!

I know that all you Mavens are as proud of Judy as I am.  This is quite an honor, for this gallery to feature her work.  Congratulations, dear friend and fellow Material Maven!

I just realized that I have now known Judy for over 20 years!