Thursday, August 21, 2014

Displaying the Quilts

This narrow wall is what you see as you walk
out of my quilting studio.  To the
right is the laundry room.  To the left
you can see a portion of the bookshelves
in this hallway where I keep all my quilting books
and magazines, as well as some of my very
favorite novels.

I wrote a previous blog about how I am displaying some of my quilts, but I have added to the display.  I covered two insulation boards with pale yellow flannel--the color of the majority of the walls in our house.  Then I chose my favorite 12 of all of the quilts and pinned them to the boards.  The top board is actually nailed into the wall, but the bottom one has to lean against it. If I nailed it and cleared the baseboard, it would cover the switch plate!

The other six quilts might end up upstairs in the grandchildren's guest bedroom.  All of them are more "kid friendly," and of course not EVERY quilt can be a favorite!

Here are close-ups of the two boards pictured above:

From left to right:  row 1--Strong and Interwoven;
row 2--South and Spiral; row 3, Cell and Canyon

Truth to tell, these six are my top six favorites!
Row 1:  Harmony and Mystery; Row 2:  Comfort and Communication;
and Row 3:  Translation and Friendship