Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rita's Communication: 33 Happy Souls and 1 Sore Head

Facial expressions are fundamental in one-on-one personal communication.  The nuances of "a look" can say volumes.  I've often been told I should NEVER play poker.  As hard as I might try, I do not, nor have I ever had a "poker" face.  It is usually very easy for others to "read" how I feel about something just by looking at my face.  It really worked to my advantage in my career as a science teacher.  One "teacher-look" could indicate I was happy, ecstatic, or excited with progress.  I could reward a student, calm a student, put a student at ease, or relax the whole class, and that is how this challenge block came to be.  My creation was inspired by a pillow top designed by Kellie Wulfsohn from Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.  The whimsey of her design was the perfect springboard for this challenge.

The flowers are fused applique.  The stems are machine stitched with a triple reinforcement stitch.  The piece is quilted by stitching around each applique and then cross hatch stitching outside the design.  After completing the applique and quilting, the bead work was done.  Even the leaves are 'beads' purchased in the jewelry bead section of a local craft store.