Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gail's "Time is on my Side"

This year I read "A Brief History of Time" by noted physicist Stephen Hawking.  One thing that struck me was how every bit of matter present at the Big Bang is still present today.  Of course it is, matter can neither be created or destroyed!  Molecules simply rearrange and change into different forms.  You could potentially ingest a carbon atom that was ingested by Genghis Kahn or Jesus Christ.  Hold that thought!  When I turned 50 I suddenly developed severe psoriatic arthritis (just like Phil Michelson!).  It caused such pain and fatigue that I didn't sew for an entire year.  My rheumatologist tried first one drug and then another as they all ultimately stopped working for me.  After 3 years I was given Enbrel injections which put the disease in remission so well that I've almost forgotten I even have PA.  This drug has only been developed in the last 15 years.   "Time" has definitely been on my side!   My quilt depicts the Enbrel molecule.  It has Jane's hand dyes, Guatemalan wovens, thread and bead embellishment, and is finished with Lois' edge treatment.   My luck of having been born at the right "time" enables me to do what I love!   The name of my quilt is "Time is on my Side".