Monday, September 12, 2011

Quilt Guild of Greater Houston Show Winner

My Quilt Guild show was last weekend. My bee effort won best of show! I was really excited to see that our group effort, an art quilt did so well. One of the members had the idea to cut up pieces of Peltex into a puzzle shape and we each selected a shape and a theme from Alice in Wonderland. I did the Cheshire Cat in the top/center of the quilt. The tree was needle punched into a home dec fabric and then fused to the Peltex. The leaves are made of thread - I started making thread lace but had too much fun to stop. The cat face was originally just sewn on but I was told it was disappearing which is what was planned for the Cheshire cat. I did paint in the eyes and mouth and that was an improvement. I also quilted the black background. Nancy Dickey assembled the puzzle pieces on the background - a huge project.

Greetings from Patti and Alice

Patti and Alice
Patti came over to my house today so that I could give her a tutoring lesson in blogging.  Strangely, when Patti signs in on my computer, Blogger looked and acted totally differently!  This was most disconcerting to me.  So the tutoring lesson didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked.    Oh, well.  We managed to write a post, signed in as Patti, but then we took it down and now I am writing this one, with Patti still here.

Patti brought me her camera so that I could show her how to upload images.  At least that part of the lesson went okay, though again, with Patti signed in, the process was slightly different and, to me, more cumbersome.  Anyway we did get it to work.   Here is one of Patti's art quilts.  She made it several years ago in order to practice curved piecing and machine quilting.  Before she retired, it hung in her office.