Monday, February 4, 2013

Newest Kid on the Block

My name is Carol Babineau and I am the newest member of the Material Mavens! YES! I am looking forward to having a fun and challenging time creating with all of you.

I have been working with fabric and making “things” all my life. I started quilting about 32 years ago, took a seven year break and then came back to it and found the whole world of quilting had changed!

I proceeded to do what most of us do – buy things to make things- and went straight into art quilting. I have enjoyed every minute of it too.

I have a couple of pieces of my work here:  

 This is/was for my son and his new wife as a wedding gift. I combined two different photos that her Dad sent to me and I finished it in time to pack it and take it personally. They really loved it and it was one of the favorite pieces when I went to jury for my fiber at the League of NH Craftsmen. (I did get in for that category, by the way)

This one is one of my favorites - why - no clue, I just like it, so I kept it :)

I already have my challenge piece planned out - now to just make it!