Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Doodle Composite--Already!

This Randy Schormann is one amazing man!  Here it is just one day after our latest Reveal, and Randy has already put together not only the photo composite, but he's written up his usual witty and logical narrative about why he put which quilt where!  We are so fortunate to have Randy as a "adjunct Maven" or "honorary Maven," as he performs this wonderful service for us every time!  Many thanks to Randy!

Now, here's what Randy had to say, in his own words:

Rita and I had a friend and former student visiting from the Czech Republic this week so I didn’t get to see the great reveal until mid-afternoon Friday.  She left this afternoon and instead of yard work I opted to do the composite.  Our friend is a wonderful creative artist/photographer so I was – again – inspired to enjoy your work.

It is never easy to “lay-out” the rows and I’m sure everyone would do them differently but this is how they make sense to me.

Row one: I thought these three quilts said “doodling” in the traditional sense of the word, each with a really clever twist.  Jane, I tweaked your “reflection” concerns [hope you don’t mind] so the word looks more like the close-up.

Row two: Doodle art on the machine is in this row.  Judy, I agree with Alice, “What is behind the zipper?”  And Carol, you gave me the choice, so vertical it is – fits the format and the color of the space and blends nicely with Karen’s leaf in the middle of row three.

Row three: Mother Nature in doodling – a dog, a leaf, then a puffin.  I’ll admit, as a photographer, I was tempted [but notice, I didn’t] to flip the puffin so s/he didn’t swim off the edge.  And the green leaf continues to blend nicely with this row as well.

Row four: My creativity was surprised by the twist of the theme as illustrated with Yankee DOODLE and Cock-a-DOODLE– WONDERFUL!  Who’da-thought, except creative quilters?   And the colors in Carolyn’s quilt – WOW!  The center Material Mavens date panel is a doodle from circa 1795 by the Queen of Prussia.  I think maybe cave painting might really have been made by bored teenagers convened to their living quarters for being unruly.  What do you think?

Row last: Since Gail and Janet and Lois were not able to participate this time, I had room to ignore Alice’s challenge [Whew!] to pick one or the other and I had room to use both ALTERNATE Doodle quilts from Alice and Carolyn.  Now YOU-ALL get to pick. Sara’s quilt and all the great doodling nicely compliment the middle of the row.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful group and sharing your creative work.