Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi I want to thank you for asking me to join your group. I am very excited about joining.  I have never blogged before so we'll see how I do.   Just to let you know a little about myself.   I live in Massachusetts. I have sewed since I was a child as I am sure most of you have also.  I went to school for photography and fell in love with screen printing.  I had a screen printing business for many years but decided to close as my husband was traveling for work so much and I was raising our 4 children.  Still needing a creative outlet I saw a class for a "quilt camp".  It was a week long class during school hours and I was hooked.  I feel with quilting I am combining my photography, screen printing graphic experience and sewing all in one.  For the last few years I have been creating small landscape quilts based on my images of Nantucket. I also photographed over two hundred and fifty vanity license plates on Nantucket and manufactured a line of bags with the images.  You can see them and a few quilts on my web site

Looking forward to posting in January!