Monday, August 15, 2011

Carolyn's Classmates Quilts

Everyone's asking, so here are the little quilts
I made for each of the 6 classmates who have
been together for 50 years. I named it "Under
the Moon, Side by Side" since Side by Side was
our theme song. The photo was made at our
last reunion in Houston in 2009 at the water-
front, just as the moon was rising. Not perfect
pieces of art, but one I hope they treasure.
Okay Material Mavens,

Just one month to go! I have a name for my HARMONY quilt, and I hope that you will be naming yours as well. Just include the word, harmony, in your title. It will be so much fun to see how different all of the quilts are.

I am just getting started on mine, although the "design" was completed a while back. I have been busy making small wall quilts for classmates who will be attending my nursing class 51st reunion (am I that old?) in Boston in just a few days.

I'll post again on September 15th! See all of you then.