Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Perhaps Best Not to Choose These Themes????

I was looking through my TWELVE BY TWELVE book this afternoon, and it suddenly occurred to me: It is highly probable that not everyone in our group has seen this book.  For that reason, it seemed prudent to me to list the themes that the original group used.  To "reuse" a theme would not be a terrible thing, except for those of us (like me!) who know the book almost too well,  and who then might be overly-influenced by the quilts that portrayed that theme.

Some of you might disagree with me; if so, let me know.  But just in case we are all in agreement about this, here is the list of themes that that original group used and that were published in their book:


I of course can be over-ridden on this "rule", but if all agree that we'd be wise to steer clear of those themes, well, there they are!

Do, please, speak up, though, if you disagree and feel that we could use one of theirs and come up with totally different quilts!

And while we are on the subject of the original group, all of you might find it fascinating to visit their group blog.  On this current go-round, they are basing their quilts on colors chosen by the members.  This will take you to their quilts based on GRAY (or GREY as our friends from Scotland likely spell it!)


And then, each of those 12 members has her own blog, which would be fun to look at as well:

A Note About Carolyn

Greetings Everyone,

As some of the others have done, I thought it would be nice to share a bit about myself.

I've lived in Dallas, TX for about 40 years, and am the mother of two lovely daughters (in Houston and Austin) and a grandmother to three. My first quilt was 24 years ago when I made a baby quilt for my first grandchild who is now married and recently moved to Dallas (much to our delight!). I am a registered nurse, but have also worked in education and retired from advertising. I know, it's a strange twist in careers!

Today my life centers around my husband, a college professor, my kids/grandkids, my church, and my hobbies - quilting, gardening and playing the dulcimer. I have only one my quilts hanging in my home (see photo if I can figure out how to do this). It's my most recent quilt, and my first art quilt (well almost). I've made about 8 or so quilts for my daughters and grandchildren.

I'm in this group because I am bored with traditional quilts, and much prefer and appreciate a "free spirit" when it comes to quilting. I am NOT an artist. I have no skills in drawing or painting. I have not experimented with a host of quilting techniques. BUT, I am eager to focus my energy on the creative process, to learn as I go, and to embrace the challenge of working with all of you.

I think this will be an exciting adventure!

Creative idea's-Judy

This group is definitely something I have been hungry for. When I was growing up and we had a project to work on, we would brainstorm at the supper table. Idea's flew around the table. With 5 kids and 4 of them girls we came up with some fun things. One year I was the "hill" for my little brother and sister who were "Jack and Jill" in the Halloween parade. The next year I was a "ufo" and that wasn't an "unfinished object" from quilting. I have the picture to prove that I was an extraterrestrial being in a space ship. What is great is seeing the purple socks I was wearing :)

Carolyn, and I believe Kym is in the Dallas area. I will be speaking at the Arlington quilt guild tonight. I know this is short notice, but if you can make it, it would be fun to see you. It is held at the Bob Duncan Community Center.

I am working on making my website more current and up to date on the things I am doing. This blog and the things I have learned to do on the computer at work have helped me see the computer as a good tool instead of an overwhelming place that confuses me. It is nice to see how much I have learned. Of course my son in Santa Fe, NM got a call from me last night as a cry for help. I could hear him sigh even though he tried not to. He is my computer/graphic designer guru.