Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Modern Composite

Randy has done his usual magic and has arranged our composite for the latest quilts.  As usual, I will let Randy give us his rationale for why he put the quilts where he did!  Despite Randy's injury (broken wrist!), he was able to get this done quickly and, as always, beautifully!  Below are his words:

Here is the Modern composite.  Since I’m right handed, it was not as physically strenuous as I thought – most of the work is done with the mouse and pencil pad.   But key strokes that demanded alt /shift (for instance) were a challenge.

However, reading the various narratives, I think this challenge has kicked us all out of our lax  visual  habits and made us scratch  our right brains – ouch – that hurts.

Here goes:
Row one;
Carol’s shoes just screamed to be front and center – as a title, as LOOK AT ME, as clunky MODERN. And people really wear those things – all day?!
But then, as I looked through the other quilts, who/what fills the spaces next? Color, form, and eye travel wins out – Judy, and Tricia, to me, it just works to tie the top row together.   
Row 2;
Rita’s cars and Lois’ TV set obviously belong in a row by themselves – but again, that leaves an open space. Jane’s quilt just seemed to  fit. Jane. I really hope you take no offense, but from a distance, in my addled right brain, I could see an image of a road leading to those cars leading to home and our first  TV sets.
Row 3;
Color wins out enhanced by those rich embellishments. As a photographer ,  I really enjoyed the color splash in Andrea’s quilt.
Row 4;
Carol found the same embellishment stash, so this quilt and Alice’s quilt had to be close. What better place for the color in Nedra’s work.  Notice how the darks and lights compliment each other and draw your eye to that corner.
Row 5;
Too often an image has all the color or weight toward the bottom.  In this composite, with  Kathy and Sara’s work in the final row, the page takes on light airy,  modern look.

  Thank you all for allowing me to be a small part of this creative “right-brained” group,