Monday, July 15, 2019

Kathy's "Tear / Tear"

What an absolutely wonderful theme for this challenge !  As I may have mentioned in a group e-mail to the Material Mavens, I thought it was interesting that we'd have a choice of how to interpret this word:  Could it be "TEAR" as in weeping ?   Could it be "TEAR" as in being torn apart ?    Or... perhaps a combination of both ?

I chose to do a combination !

The "Background" for this quilt is made from strips of beautiful taffeta fabric that are frayed and kind of "worn" at the edges.  There are lots of hanging threads that further emphasize the torn edges.  I wove the strips to create a "basket weave" piece of cloth.

The beautiful "Tear" in the forefront is actually two separate pieces.  I copied the background image onto Silk Fabric; carefully cut out the "Tear"  and then fused it to my background fabrics(s) using MISTIFUSE.  (This is one of my most favorite products; one that I've GOT to have in my Studio at all times  !)

To provide the shimmer and beautify of the "Tear,"  I traced the image onto beautiful "be-jeweled" sheer fabric, carefully cut out the image, then top-stitched it over the "Tear" using Monofilament Thread.

The binding and backing of  "Tear / Tear"  is the same beautiful taffeta that was used for the woven strip background.

As it turns out....  "Tear / Tear" is one of my Most Favorites of all the themes we've had !

Peace and blessings to all,   Kathy

Andrea's Tear Quilt

Tears of Laughter

11" x 14" commercial cotton, hand-dyed cotton, organza, screen printed

Failed!  This quilt is based on a 2005 email sent from a friend to the other quilt show committee members of my guild.  I don't feel it appropriate to publish the contents of the email, although parts of it are screened on the background for texture.  The email ( titled Mum-a-Mia ) recounted the "adventure" my friend had when picking up fourteen 8" chrysanthemum plants to display during our quilt show.  To this day, it remains the funniest thing I have ever read.  This quilt is not funny, although what it represents to me is, sort of.  I wanted to represent a shopping cart full of mums rolling down a hill in the pouring rain, which I don't think it does.  Although the quilt is technically "done",  I'm thinking of adding beads to see if that will give more of the rain effect that I was going for.  The metallic thread that I quilted with does not.  What I do like about the quilt, which was totally unintended, is that it pays homage to a sign that the store no longer uses.  They moved and enlarged a few years ago and have different signage now.  It is a family run business started by a father and son who emigrated from Italy in 1910, and purchased a pushcart to sell fruits and vegetables from in Boston.  They moved to the suburbs in 1952.

Tricia's Tear

Over the Fourth of July we had a crowd of family and friends visiting.  We had a wonderful time with 11 adults, 5 dogs and a cat. The last morning that the first group left very early. After boarding the ferry they noticed it was very foggy. Josh Ledbetter took this photograph from the ferry. After seeing the photograph I decided to try and recreate it with only torn fabrics.

I created the water from tearing the blue fabric. I used silver thread and tsukineko inks to create the shimmer of the sun on the water.. I found a piece of white silk for the sun and free motioned stitched the yellow edges. I then tore batting fabric in small pieces for the clouds. I layered them on a background of blue sky fabric. I machine stitched the batting with invisible thread. To create the shadow I used shiva paint sticks.

Nedra's Tear - Tear of the Twiga

Giraffes are my favorite animal as many who know me are quite aware.  They have been a source of inspiration for many of my original quilts and once again for this theme.  Because of this fascination, I have many pictures and drawings that I've planned to turn into my own artwork.  One of those drawings was perfect for this theme.  Twiga is the Swahili name for giraffe and the title represents the sadness these beauties feel when one of their family is killed.  The inspiration was this drawing I had previously made of a giraffe's eye.  I intended to do a close up of their eyes as they are so big and beautiful with the longest lashes!!!

I forgot to take a picture before I cut the fabric but these are the scraps of the rust dyed fabric I used.  It was purchased long ago and intended to recreate the spots of a giraffe. I traced my drawing onto this piece of fabric from my stash .

This is the drawing I had made long ago but never worked with.  All I had to do was add the tear!!

I used Shiva paintsticks and inktense pencils to embellish the spots and for shading to create my close up of the eye.  When I was pleased with the shading and dimension, I sandwiched with batting and backing and then machine stitched to add details and more shading.  It was then bound.  The tear was added last and is made from an iridescent fabric with pearlescent sequins glued onto it and then attached to the piece.