Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing Janet

Greetings, Mavens.  I am over at Janet's house with Rita.  We've just had a lovely lunch at a place new to me.  We then came back here and I got to see Janet's quilting studio as well as many of her quilts displayed on her walls.  She wanted me to show her how to post on our blog, and so that has resulted in what I am currently writing.

Janet has only been quilting for three years, but if you could see her work, you would be skeptical about that.  What Janet enjoys the most about quilting is paper piecing, but she does not at all enjoy regular or traditional piecing.  When I asked her what it was about art quilting and this group that interested her she said, "I want to learn to make what I see in my head and not have to follow a quilt pattern."

Janet, Rita, and I are all in our local quilt guild, along with Kathy and Judy S.  That is how I personally got to know these fellow quilters.  Having this interest in common in art quilting has resulted not only in our joining this online group, but we have a loosely formed art quilting bee that meets periodically.

Anesthesia is the quilt's name.
Here you see one of Janet's beautiful quilts.  She'll be a superb addition to our group!