Saturday, December 7, 2013

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Jane Hartfield


I am a contemporary artist who works with fibers.  I combine fabric and multiform fibers to create my art, using techniques both old and new.  As my creations have developed over the years, it is evident that the beauty of nature and the interplay of colors are my recurring and predominant themes--not always in the same pieces! 


Quilting is an important part of all of my work, but it is treated as a design element and an adjunct to the overall project.  I also incorporate felting, knitting, painting, fusing, and beading.  I frequently create new fabrics by dyeing, making silk fusion, painting fusible web or paper, melting fibers, or painting on canvas.  All of these techniques are employed by me from time to time to translate my dreams and ideas into a fully realized artwork.


All of the pieces I create are intended for an audience. I want them to find a home on display in both residential and commercial venues, where they may be seen,  admired and, I hope, treasured by others.
Biographical Data
Jane grew up in Winnsboro, LA. After attending college at Mississippi State University, she married Jerry Hartfield, Jr. and moved to Memphis, TN. Jane and Jerry lived in Memphis 11 years and had a daughter and son before moving to Fort Smith, AR in 1976. Jane went back to school at Westark Community College and graduated as a registered nurse in 1979. She then worked in Labor and Delivery in a local hospital for 21 years. After her nursing career, she worked for the hospital’s volunteer organization, Sparks Guild, as assistant manager and then manager of its gift shop. She retired from the gift shop in 2011 and is now working full time as a fiber artist.
Although Jane has not had formal art training, she has taken classes from many famous quilt teachers and artists and has learned and used numerous techniques for working with fiber in its many forms. Over the years she has sewn garments and costumes, embroidered, knitted, crocheted, and quilted. Now she dyes fabrics and yarns; combines quilting and machine embroidery; embellishes with beads, shells and metal to produce original wall hangings.