Monday, May 20, 2013

Waco/Dallas Mavens' Group Quilt

Five of us Mavens from Texas are going to make a group quilt!  We had decided earlier than we wanted to make what has come to be called a "slice quilt."  Four of us met yesterday at my house to plan our project.  We all brought photos of potential quilt subjects.  For one reason or another, however, we rejected all of those photos, and we've decided to do a totally imaginary, whimsical, quilt similar to one that appeared in the February/March 2013 issue of Quilting Arts (pp. 16-20).
The rejects on the dining room table!

We cut drawing paper into 12"x24" sections and taped these together along the long edges.  We spread this out on my kitchen island and began sketching in the horizon line, a road or path, a green belt, and a "water feature" along the bottom.  The area between the horizon line and the path is the largest section, and it might contain houses, trees, flowers, animals, or whatever strikes our fancy.

Rita, Alice, and Carolyn working on the sketch.

Rita and Carolyn, with Judy advising, continue the sketch.

All of us, with Janet also participating, will independently construct our section.  Undoubtedly the skies will all be different shades of blue!  Different colors will also appear for the road, the green belt, and the water.  But we felt that different shades and hues will make the quilt all the more charming and whimsical.

We have a generously far-away deadline--the end of October.  We plan to take our "slices" to the Houston Quilt Festival and will show them to our fellow Mavens who plan to be there next fall.  No, we won't have time to ENTER it in this show, but our completion deadline is in October so that we can make decisions about the placement of the sleeves, as well as what potential shows in 2014 we might plan to enter!

Rita, Carolyn, and Alice make notes on the back of our
"slices" about various decisions we made.