Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Comfort Composite

Our own favorite fan and winner of "Most Helpful Husband" award, Randy Schormann, has done it again!  Composed a lovely composite of our Comfort quilts.  He even added a "place marker" for Janet, in the lower right corner.  As usual, Randy had demonstrated what a true graphic artist he is in how he has chosen to arrange the quilts.  Take a minute to study it.   You can immediately see how almost every row of quilts has something that ties the quilts together.  Truly, Randy is amazing!
I will wait to make postcards of this one, in case Janet does eventually come up with a comfort quilt.  Meanwhile, I realize I've not yet made a Green postcard, so I'll do that soon and query all of you Mavens to see if you want me to order one or some for you!
Another great theme and wonderful results this time.  My mind is already awhirl, thinking about Strong, and I do believe I had a brainstorm this morning for a potential design.  Congratulations to all of you for a wonderful batch of "comforting" quilts!

This composite is "new and revised."  After Carol posted her completed quilt, Randy substituted the completed quilt photo for the other one!