Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Serenity Composite

Another outstanding interpretation for one more interesting theme.
I had all the quilts on one page and couldn’t see a pattern for the composite, so I started placing them on the page. Judy’s came first, mostly for the overall thought, “spread the ………..”, and I really liked the emotions, “praise, prayer, joy, or a place to receive all that is amazing.”
Then, the only other quilt that had a person depicted was Tricia’s and it fell into place next. I needed a foundation. How about Kathy’s stone sculpture? Works, doesn’t it?
Notice how Alice and Karen and Carolyn’s quilts so perfectly represent Serenity in theme, color, balance, and outdoors. The top row is now complete.
So, two quilts remained, Nedra and Andrea. The colors of all three in the bottom row really work.
Then I leaned back in my chair and felt the Serenity because, more by accident than planning, this one seems to work well.
Serenity my friends – thank you – the tranquility and peacefulness of the 8 quilts is wonderful.
Job well done,