Sunday, July 14, 2019

Carolyn - A Tear For Those Torn

This is my very first attempt at a Sacred Quilt.  I have been thinking about focusing on this type of quilt for some time, and this theme was the perfect time to start on this journey.

I have been reading books this summer that deal with family conflicts and separations, including “Educated,” “Before We Were Yours,”  “Lilac Girls” and “Where the Crawdads Sing.”  

While reading them, I became keenly aware of families, near and far, that are torn apart for one reason or another.  Then came the Crisis at the Border and the photo of the young toddler and father who drowned just steps from freedom in the Rio Grande River very near my hometown.  I could not get the images of children in distressing conditions and those desperately risking their lives in search of freedom out of my mind.  So I decided to base my quilt on these families.

I had small pieces of silk on hand, and chose colors with special meanings: 
            yellow for danger,
turquoise for misfortune,
purple for compassion,
orange for endurance, and
muddy green for misfortune.

I tore each piece into strips, and then pulled apart the yellow strip, painting the split area with strokes of dark blood red and dull white. I mounted each strip on a bright red background, the color of violence. Then came the tears, in white, for love –the love of God and the love we share for those in need. It is quilted with Aurufil thread. In creating this piece, I have interpreted the theme in two ways: tear –to tear apart, and tear – to have empathy for others.