Friday, October 23, 2015

The Circle Composite!

From Alice:  I am at last home from my extended trip!  I came home to find Randy's composite and his, as usual, clever narrative about why he placed the quilts where he did.  As always, many thanks, Randy!    I think he did a brilliant job with this one, truly!  So, in his words:

Seems I must again apologize for the delay in posting the composite for your creative work.  Well, I’m at least a little apologetic. I was at my brother’s home in Cascade, Colorado, up the Ute mountain pass from Colorado Springs, just at the foot of Pikes Peak.

First, row three: my process in this creation is to download all your images, put them on one page, then lean back and see if I can find a row by row pattern for the composite. My quirky sense of humor led my eye immediately to Sara’s Circle – and my distaste for those traffic circles – Waco has two, one historical, one new “traffic calming” creation that still is not logical to me – but that quilt just had to be centered and it still makes me grin – Thanks Sara. And then the patterns and colors of Jane [I read two opinions of which quilt/backings– so I made MY choiceJ] and Kathy’s quilts seemed to nicely blend so row three was completed and that’s why row three was designed first.

Row one: two squares, one rectangular, nice color patterns, interesting complementary circle compositions and I’m now leaning forward and excited about the process.

Row two: Gail’s baby said to me, “the circle of life” before I read the description. I’m a biologist by education and Alice’s tree made me also think of life’s cycle, again before I read the narrative, so I think those blocks pin the corners of row two, with a nice, almost “nother world” feel in Andrea’s beautiful colors.

Row four: and we do have a “nother world” in this row?   How could those three quilts NOT be in the same row – WOW! All three are so life-like, makes me wonder if there IS a quilt guild out there?

Row five: knowing how difficult it would have been for David and Janet to pin her quilt on a wall, I used the techniques of Photoshop to “hang it up” – hope you don’t mind Janet? The colors of Carolyn and Judy’s quilts nicely frame this row and make a finishing statement to a challenging theme for this round.