Friday, March 9, 2012

Quilting Adventures MM's

Four Material Mavens were able to meet at the Quilting Adventures seminar. Alice was supposed to be standing in the front of this line, but she gave me her spot and we missed her dearly. We are standing in front of Jan Krentz's quilt. It was a week of stunning work and fried brains. I think we used every brain cell available! We did work on growing the cell's back by eating our fill at the meals and not missing any desserts.
Here is Carolyn and her teacher Laura Wasilowski in front of her beautiful cactus quilt. Not only did they create wonderful art, but they also learned songs and choreography that they performed in front of the whole seminar student body. This is the best kind of camp any quilter can dream of going to.
They are singing and pressing and truly entertaining us!
Sara was in Vikki Pignatelli's class. They learned a ton of techniques. As you can see she has lots of fun pieces that she worked on. This was a class where so much information was given that Sara's sewing machine just sat down and decided that it couldn't do all that it was supposed to do.
Rita and I were both in Lenore Crawford's class. As you can tell we had a lot of grins and giggles in our class. Lenore said, "I'm supposed to be pointing to something when we take pictures right?"

My yellow door quilt on the right is not complete yet, but this is how far I got on it in class. There is very little painting on the quilt right now and there is no paint on the yellow part of the door. That is all fabric. I took the photo on the left when I was in San Antonio and Lenore's class brought it to life.
Rita is hard at work on her castle quilt in Lenore's class. A lot of cutting and fusing was done. New iron's took a hit on cleanliness after all the fusing. At least we know how to clean them well. Make sure that you don't wait too long to clean it or it can be permanently crusted over.
This picture was taken before Rita started to add the paint. She did get started on that today and Lenore showed her how to add depth to her quilt with just little touches of paint . She really wanted to get those windows on the castle.
Here is the main building where we spent the week at T Bar M. The top floor was where Rita and I had our class. The bottom floor was where all our delicious meals were served. The part of the building to the left was where Sara's classroom was and the Quilt Haus quilt store was set up in there too so that we would have more fabric and supplies to choose from. It was a wonderful week of learning, eating, friendship and fellowship with so many ladies who love to quilt!