Sunday, May 25, 2014

SEFA 12x12 show awards Lois a People Choice ribbon

The Atlanta Southeast Fiber Alliance has a yearly 12x12 show.  The show allows any form of fiber art as long as it is 12x12 or smaller, including weaving, quilting, collage, silk painting, thread painting etc.  I have been inspired by the Maven's successes and decided to enter this piece into their show. It is the first time I have ever entered a show.  My piece received a ribbon for People's Choice.  As you know I have been thread painting since November, and this is one of my first pieces.  So I am thrilled that other's liked it. Alice encouraged me to post this, so I put in a photo of the piece and a small part of how it was displayed with some of the other 80 pieces that were entered. This piece has thread painting, raw silk applique, hand painting with inks and is quilted with flannel and is applied to a piece of raw canvas. It is so nice to be part of this group, and I want you all to know that you inspire me to stretch beyond my studio and your friendship and support is truly appreciated.
Dartboard by Lois Schlowsky