Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Judy, Alice, and Rita!

Judy Steward in blue, Alice  in pink, and Rita in tan!  Rita and I took off our glasses because the light from the window was reflecting off our specs!  We look happy and excited, and we are, because we are delighted about The Material Mavens!

I am hoping that each one of the "authors" of this blog will post a picture of yourself.  Then, as the summer goes by and we are all working on our first quilts for this group, perhaps each of you will write a short paragraph, introducing yourself to the rest of us.

Coast to coast quilt connection

Here in Boston, it was fun visiting with Alice, Judy and Rita in TX via Skype and hearing a summary of what they talked about at the first meeting. I look forward to hearing Carolyn Henson's theme for July-September and then thinking of mine for the next session. Hope the Waco trio can find themselves on the computer.

Greetings from Rita, Judy, and Alice!

The stash in Alice's quilting room--this is in lieu of the photo we took of the three of us and then could not find on Alice's computer!  She has much to learn about her new iMac.  Sorry!
Greetings, friends!  Alice will soon be emailing everyone with what we've come up with about our art quilt group.  Right now Alice is showing Rita how to post a blog.  Stay tuned for more exciting news!  Bye for now.